Have you ever wanted to see what a hit track might look like in Logic or Ableton or Reason? To see how the instruments and textures are put together in a DAW (digital audio workstation)?

Visit the links below for example audio, recordings, template files and resources. I would highly recommend you start exploring Ableton with this free course by Flume first!

* Go to Ableton.com and download the 30 free trial when you sign up to the course made by Flume. You will get project files from his hit songs which you can import into Logic later on for remixing.

The very best thing you can do is to use a model piece. Something you would like to compose and then just make it. For example, I enjoy listening to Japanese Anime, Hans Zimmer and Blake Neely’s work on Arrow. Put it all together and I was able to compose this:

More Creative Resources:

1. Free downloads and tutorials – https://cymatics.fm
2. Many popular pieces as templates – https://remakespro.com/templates/
3. Ableton made templates
4. Logic made templates
5. Reason template songs

Photo Credit: achrntatrps Flickr via Compfight cc