What do you think of the idea communicated through this video? Using your reason, imagination, emotion and other ‘Ways of Knowing’ (Theory of Knowledge) discuss in your class why this is…

Why does Marvel allow their music to work this way? Do you have an answer?

If we go back to 1830 for a famous work entitled ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ by Heitor Berlioz, one of the first big instances of a Leitmotif or Idee Fixe can be found.

(Fourth Movement Example)

This melody (a fixed idea), represents the object of his affection who did not return his love. This melody is repeated, changed and reworked (although still recognisable) within each of the five movements. See the worksheet and video score below for more:

Here it is again but in short sections throughout the whole five movements:

Now compare this idea of the Leitmotif (or fixed idea) to John Williams’ work entitled Reys’ Theme. You will see clear motivic repetition, development and the extension of Rey’s Theme in the orchestration:


In your classroom discuss what makes John Williams’ composition better than that of the music from the Marvel Universe. Is it the character leitmotifs/Fixed Ideas? Their orchestration? a combination of everything or something more?

Photo Credit: twinsfan7777 Flickr via Compfight cc