Exploring the style of Gershwin means we need to understand his compositional style and techniques as employed in his many colourful works.
Using the videos and questions listed write your structured responses in the comments section below.

A table has been prepared for you via Evernote here to outline the two distinct styles represented in “An American in Paris.”

Guided Listening
Question 1: Listen to both the openings of Porgy & Bess and An American In Paris. Identify features of the medium which could be classified as Neoclassical and/or Jazz influenced and explain why.

Question 2: Gershwin is known for writing memorable melodies. Identify at least two distinct melodic ideas in the score via Evernote here for An American In Paris, providing bar numbers and a description of each. For example, describe features such as contour and repetition.

Question 3: Compare the listening examples and discuss features which create structure and form.