Blow It Up, Start Again

The questions I would ask are very simple. But what makes that head banging, bass warbling genre called Dubstep?

If you watch a lot of Lindsay Sterling videos (and you can purchase her scores IB students and teachers) you will start to notice defining features like the drop, triplets in the bass/drums preceded by crotchets/quavers plus texture variations or even the sharing of syncopated rhythms from the high hats to the synth.

What would you list as the defining features?

This brilliant article by Sound on Sound Magazine entitled Dubstep Basics goes through all the elements of Dubstep with software screenshots to describe its composition and production.

Alternatively I would start making my own Dubstep in both score notation and with Music Technology packages like Reason 7 or Abelton Live 9. Here is another great article with sound bytes showing how the elements are put together for that particular grungy tone colour and deep thudding kick.

Should you want to notate elements here is a transcription of the video above:

Cover Image Photo Credit: Party Stuff by CS

As you listen to the tracks below start to make a list of the musical features common between each track. You will be surprised.