Be familiar with other cultures and their music

As part of the IB Learner Profile you need to “open to the values and traditions of others.” This can apply directly to music because every culture in history uses Music for specific roles in its society. Whether it be dance, narration, passing down history or a form of human expression taking the time to enquire and research different musics enhances your knowledge of the world.

Now you cannot passively turn on a CD and hope to absorb the culture of Korea or Africa through their music. You need to start collating a table (in your Evernote notebooks would be best) of elements that define each culture’s music. So that as you listen to the playlists I have collated below you can build up a ‘profile’ on each style/culture.

Try my WORLD MUSIC INSTRUMENTS game as a starter!

I suggest you list the elements of music from Rhythm, Pitch, Texture (include instrumentation), Tone Colour (timbre), Structure, Dynamics and Expressive Techniques under a heading of African Music for example. You could then add the Spotify links of each piece you listen to under the headings and begin to describe the works and analyse their elements. Most of all, try to include rhythmic or melodic transcriptions.

Here is an example Evernote Notebook I have prepared for you!

Spotify World Music Playlist 01

Spotify World Music Playlist 02

Spotify World Music Playlist 03