This piece is a mixture between jazz and Bulgarian folk music as it incorporates elements from both a folk tune background, and a jazz background. The Bulgarian Folk music that has been heard is the style of Daichovo, which is a popular Bulgarian folk dance that is known for its circle formation. The Daichovo has many unique elements in its music, as it based on a different grouping of beats when compared to Western Music. There are four beats, with a slightly longer duration on the last beat; 1 2 , 1 2 , 1 2 , 1 2 3. This can be heard in this piece, emphasising it’s Bulgarian heritage. The Daichovo is also known for its even, call and response attributes in the melodies. Through the syncopation between the bass rhythm and the melodic rhythm, we can see that the piece is influenced by jazz, however with a folk melody. Its jazz influence is even further emphasised through the incorporation of jazz-styled instruments in the piece. The saxophone and bass is heard playing the melody and the bass rhythm respectively.


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