Tigramuna Contextual Statement
20th century Afro-cuban music was highly influential in developing jazz, particularly its dance rhythms and percussion instruments (conga drum, bongos, cowbells, claviers, guitars). The Cuban rumba, chachacha, salsa, mambo and samba are all traditional celebrative dances originating from South America and posses Latin-American characteristics exemplified in Tigramuna. Characteristic “chachacha” triplets and rhythmic patterns can be identified in the congas, clave, guitar and cowbell. Additionally to provide dance rhythm, syncopation is used in the melodic line which is typically in the brass and/or guitar. Structurally, there are balanced phrases with rhythmic ostinatos in the bass and melodic ostinatos which provide much needed musical symmetry for the dancers.




notation courtesy of http://www.andreistrizek.com/storage/post-images/ClaveRhythm.JPG?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1288842155429