After an initial introduction, played in a call and response style between trumpet and piano utilising blues notes (flat 3, 5, 7), clarinet, trumpet and trombone improvise around the melody structure of Oh When The Saints in a polyphonic style. The trumpet uses material closest to the original melody, with clarinet providing a fast moving counterpoint, while the trombone uses slides to accentuate it’s countermelodic material. This texture is supported by a chordal and rhythmic accompaniment provided by a fast drum beat, piano and walking upright bass.

Within the melodic material provided by the ‘front line’ (trumpet, clarinet, trombone), we hear the quintessential elements of jazz: swung quavers, syncopation and jazz articulation. These articulation include frequent use of slides (or glissandi) and grace notes (known as ‘crushing’), at bars 20 and 5 from the drum entrance respectively.

The Dukes Of Dixieland – When The Saints Go Marchin’ In – Spotify